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Collaborative Learning Equals School Success

Since 2004, school districts across the country have partnered with Learners Edge for professional development for teachers. Learners Edge continues to demonstrate an uncommon understanding of districts’ needs for:

• Job–embedded professional learning
• Customizable, comprehensive, effective training
• Relevant continuing education for teachers at all stages of their careers
• Practical, sustainable, and scalable professional development for teachers
• Training that supports district accountability measures
• Focus on improved student achievement
• Value-priced options that are among the most affordable in the field

Read about one of our highly successful district partnerships happening in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Learners Edge can work with your district in any number of beneficial ways. Explore the variety of Professional Learning Pathways below that will help your schools and districts meet today's very real needs:

Professional Development Topics for Teachers

Pathway 1: Match Our Courses to Your Initiatives 

Learners Edge has created an impressive slate of rigorous, flexible, continuing education classes for teachers.  Courses can be taken for graduate credit through accredited regional university/college partners, as well as for clock hours. When a district purchases a site license for an online course or courses (several tiered options exist - contact us for pricing), district teachers can log in 24/7 to any course for which they have registered.

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Pathway 2: Creation of Customized Courses Unique to Your Needs

This option provides you with the ability to customize already-existing professional development for teachers offered through Learners Edge. Working with district staff development personnel, Learners Edge would modify an existing course in our repertoire to better meet your district’s specific professional learning needs.

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Pathway 3: Coordinate Graduate Credit for School/District PD Offered

In most districts across the country, offering professional development for graduate credit is a huge incentive for teachers.  Learners Edge can work with our array of accredited university partners to extend affordable graduate credit to courses/trainings you already provide (or are hoping to provide).

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Regardless of the pathway or program option you select, you are assured of our unparalleled commitment to the development of your teachers. All of our courses and programs are designed to foster and support a culture of high quality instruction and student achievement.


If you would like to discuss Professional Development opportunities for your school/district, please contact Learners Edge Executive Director, Julie Yaeger by email or call 1-877-394-4930.