Coursework Questions

+What degree(s) do I need in order to take your courses?
You must hold a minimum of a baccalaureate degree to enroll in courses with Learners Edge
+How do your distance-learning (print based and online) courses work?

The big question! All of our courses are formatted in a similar manner, although each course is unique in content

Print-based Courses:

  • Course text: Each course has its own course text(s) that contains a combination of practical strategies, methods and research-based theory for the classroom teacher. Learners Edge strives to use the most popular and applicable texts in the field. 
  • Read and Respond: Each course uses a study guide with questions aligned with the readings.
  • Reflection Requirement:  Every 3-credit course has a Reflection Requirement that is a minimum of 2 pages long. The Reflection Requirement allows you to deepen your learning on the topic, and to explore related issues.
  • Resource Requirement: An opportunity to customize your learning by finding and summarizing cutting edge articles and blog posts that support the content of your course.
  • Application Requirements: Course requirements are designed to be relevant and useful to teachers in their classrooms, so each course requires that you create something applicable to your teaching situation.
  • Feedback: Evaluator feedback is given on coursework, holistically, when course requirements are uploaded within the Learners Edge online environment.

Online Courses: 

  • Content is similar to print-based courses in scope, content, and readings. Because our online courses are also self-paced, you do not need to be in front of your computer at any assigned date or time.
  • Multi-media clips infused throughout to enhance your learning.
  • Assignments are submitted electronically, rather than via mail.
  • Feedback:  Evaluator feedback is given after each module submission (3 or 4 Modules for a 3 credit course). 

You can review course syllabi on our website under each individual course description.  No matter which format you choose, you will always find our courses to be thought provoking and practical

+What if I am not in the classroom right now, or not in a “traditional” teaching role?

We write our courses to accommodate folks whatever their professional role in education may be. In addition, we can provide alternative activities for people who do not currently have access to students. Should you find an application option that requires student input, in most circumstances, we welcome you to draw on previous classroom experience. We are always happy to work with you to ensure the work you are doing is applicable to your career and still meets course requirements, so we love to hear about your ideas for modification, contact us at

Some courses are a better fit than others if you are not a classroom teacher, we have a list of fantastic courses that we recommend frequently for guidance counselors, nurses, social workers, speech-language pathologists, and other non-teaching education professionals.

+How do you want me to format my coursework?
Our courses have specific submission guidelines that are explained within the online environment and within the print-based syllabus. No need to retype the questions for print-based and if you would like to print back-to-back to save paper (for mail-in coursework submission), even better (but not necessary)!
+Do I need to cite sources that I use when completing my coursework?
We will provide you with everything you need to complete your coursework, but there are some assignments that ask you to research particular topics or strategies. In that case, we ask for a simple citation (author, title, website, URL, etc). You do not need to use a particular citation style (like APA or MLA), and you do not need to cite the articles, websites and texts that are provided to you (by us) in order to complete the course.
+How long does it take to complete a 3-credit course?

Our courses carry graduate credit through our Academic Partners, and we are accountable for ensuring high levels of quality and rigor. Per standard practice in the field, each 3-credit course explores the equivalent of 45 hours of content.  Because everyone learns differently, some folks tend to take less time, some take more time.  Because the courses are self-paced, only you can tell how long the course will truly take, and if you are able to complete it in a particular time frame, considering your other work, home, and life responsibilities.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

+I am having a hard time completing my coursework. Can I request an extension?

If you don't believe you're going to meet your Session deadline, you have two options:

  1. You may complete your courses within the Session grace period. This provides you an additional two weeks to finish your coursework.  This is automatically awarded to everyone that hasn't completed their course(s) by the Session due date.  No need for any additional steps on your part.
  1. You may also choose to move your courses into the next Session, in the form of a course reinstatement.  This option requires a $150.00 reinstatement fee per course, and a quick call to our Customer Support Team at 877-394-4930.  *Please note, each course may be reinstated one time only.
+What if I want to work on my coursework with my team or another teacher?
We definitely understand the value of working together! For these situations, we have a Collaboration Policy that is clearly documented in the course syllabi. If you have questions, please contact us and we will supply a copy of the policy.
+How is my grade determined?
A grading rubric is included in your course syllabus outlining the expectations for successful completion of your coursework. Also, like many teachers, we never turn down cookies or snacks—JUST KIDDING!!
+How can I be sure I am doing everything right? What kinds of feedback will I get?

Hey, we are so glad that you are so conscientious!

  • Online evaluators offer feedback on submissions for each of the course modules so you will get a good idea of how you are doing as you move through the course.
  • Evaluators for print-based customers who submit their work electronically will give general feedback upon evaluation of submitted work.
  • If you would like feedback on your print-based submissions, feel free to email for feedback as you are working on the coursework.

If you would like holistic feedback on your print-based work, please submit a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your coursework, and we will return your work with comments after it is evaluated.

+I’m nervous about passing this course. What if I don’t meet course requirements?
If work is submitted that doesn’t meet requirements, an instructor will contact you to request a revision and a resubmission, at no penalty to you. Please don’t worry - we will work with you as needed until all course requirements are successfully met.
+What are the differences between print-based and online courses?

We want to give our customers more choice in when, where and how they learn, so we’ve converted the majority of our print-based courses into an online format that you are sure to love! Both Print-based and Online format courses are similar in scope, content and readings, but we've detailed some of the differences below:

Print-Based Format:

  • Receive text (if applicable) through the mail, syllabus is available online
  • No online video viewing requirements

Online Format:

  • Receive text (if applicable) through the mail, other materials online
  • Infused with multi-media clips to enhance learning

No matter which format you choose, you will always find our courses to be thought provoking and practical.

Both formats are submitted online

+Is there a textbook for online courses?
In most of our online courses, a hard copy of a text will be mailed to you after registration. There are some courses for which the material will be completely online.
+ I am done with my print-based course, now what?

You now have two options to submit your print-based coursework:

1. Upload your coursework via our online platform.
(Click for detailed printable instructions or watch a video tutorial)

  • Click on Course Login (top of each page).
  • Log-in using your Learners Edge Customer Number and Password (use the Forgot Customer #/Forgot Password links if you need assistance remembering your credentials).
  • Click on your course in the topline navigation and follow the instructions on the course homepage (You do not need to submit your cover page with this option).
  • Comments will be provided in the online environment upon evaluation of your coursework, please check back in the online environment to ensure all requirements are satisfactory.

2. You are always welcome to drop your coursework in the mailbox or visit your friendly post office and send completed work to:

Learners Edge
Attn: Coursework
10523 165th St. W.
Lakeville, MN 55044

+Who will be evaluating my coursework? What are the qualifications of Learners Edge instructors?
All instructors and evaluators hold a Masters Degree or higher and each has significant teaching experience at various grade levels and subject areas.  All of our instructors and evaluators share our commitment to quality professional development, and an understanding of what it's like to be in the trenches of education!
+When will I get my grade?

Your course grades are posted by session. Grades will be reported to our Academic Partners and available to you during the date ranges listed below:

  • Spring - Grades available January 2- May 15
  • Summer - Grades available May 16- September 16
  • Fall - Grades available September 2- December 31

If your coursework meets all criteria, a grade will be available on your My Edge page within 3 business days for an online course being submitted and 5-7 business days of your print-based work being received.

NOTE: You may complete and submit coursework anytime, however, grades for your session can be released only during the availability dates as listed above.


+How do I view my grade(s)?

To view your Grades and print a Letter of Completion:

  • Login to your My Edge Page
  • Click on Course History
  • Expand and click View Letter of Completion.

Grades will be forwarded to the academic partner. Please note grades may take several days to be posted by your chosen academic partner.

For transcript information and anticipated timelines, please click here and follow the instructions for the university/college providing you with graduate credit.  A transcript will be processed by the university/college registrar upon your request.

**Prior to requesting your transcript, if you have submitted work for multiple courses, please make sure all your grades have been posted at your specific institution.**

+ I have special needs; do you have accommodations for me?

Please call us, or contact us at to discuss any accommodations that you require immediately following registration. We will do our best to make sure that you can successfully complete our course

Registration Questions

+What types of payment does Learners Edge accept?
We gladly accept checks if registering through the mail, or Visa, Mastercard or Discover. For information or questions about a P.O. or invoicing, please contact us at
+What is included in the course fee?
Prices include graduate credit, the course materials—including texts – and our wonderful customer service. There are no hidden fees!
+What about international orders?
Due to increased mailing costs, please add $20 to all international orders.
+When do courses start and end? When are your courses offered?

You can register for a course on our website at any time during the registration periods noted below. Once you receive your materials, you can get started, you eager beaver! You have until the last day of the session for which you register to complete and submit your coursework.

Fall Session:

  • Registrations will be accepted between Apr 15 - Oct 15
  • Coursework is due 11/15 (or first business day after this date)

Spring Session:

  • Registrations will be accepted between Sep 15 -  Mar 15
  • Coursework is due 4/15 (or first business day after this date)

Summer Session:

  • Registrations will be accepted between Jan 1 - Jul 15
  • Coursework is due 8/15 (or first business day after this date)
+How do I know if a course is “full”?
A course is never “full,” in traditional academic terminology, because almost all of our courses are self-paced distance learning courses. You can be sure that you will always be able to take the distance learning courses you want, when you want to take them.
+ Are your courses graduate level?
Our courses are graduate level continuing education courses, and all are approved as degree eligible by our regionally accredited university partners.
+Are you on semesters or quarters?
Our courses run on semesters, in alignment with our academic partners’ systems.
+How many credits can I take in a session?

Spring Session = 9 credits

Summer Session = 12 credits

Fall Session = 9 credits

+ What if I need to cancel a distance-learning course?
If you determine that you'd like to take a different course, please contact us and we'd be happy to switch courses.  If you would like to cancel your course, you have 30 days from the course order date printed on your receipt to do so. A $40 cancellation fee will apply. We are unable to offer any refunds for course cancellations after 30 days. Contact
+What if I need to meet an upcoming transcript deadline, can I submit my coursework early?

Coursework may be submitted before the end of the session. Please keep in mind that we are only able to begin processing coursework on the following dates each semester:

Spring Session: January 2nd (or first business day after this date)
Summer Session: May 15th (or first business day after this date)
Fall Session: September 2nd (or first business day after this date)

+When should I have my coursework completed if I need to renew my Teaching License by June 30th?
We strongly encourage you to register for Spring session (registration ends: March 15th / coursework due: April 15th). Submitting coursework by the end of the spring session allows us time to evaluate your coursework and submit grades to our Academic Partners, allowing you to receive the necessary documentation required to renew your teaching license.
+Do Learners Edge courses qualify for student loan deferment? Do you offer financial aid?
Continuing Education courses do not qualify for student loan deferment. Learners Edge does not offer financial aid or tuition reimbursement.
+How do I get a receipt to show I paid for my course?

A receipt is included with your materials. If you are like many of us, and cannot locate the receipt, give this a try:

  • Log in to your My Edge page.
  • If you do not know your customer number and password, please click on Forgot Customer # and Forgot Password and they will be emailed to you.
  • Once logged in, please go to Order History on the left hand side.
  • Click on the order number and the receipt will either download or display on your machine.
  • Print for your records!

General Information

+Who is Learners Edge, and why should I choose you?

We are teachers and education supporters who want to make a difference in education by supporting YOU. We all agree on the following:

  • You need meaningful, relevant, professional development that can be applied immediately to your educational setting.
  • You will get the most out of courses if you can work when and where you choose. Our courses are flexible and self-paced.
  • Continuing education graduate courses shouldn't break the bank. We respect your pocketbook.
  • If you improve your craft, students achieve at higher levels. Win-win.
  • You deserve to be supported with ridiculously timely and helpful customer service.

Plus, we are nice folks who really want to make your professional development the best it can be.  Beats watching a PowerPoint, or hauling your stuff to a cold college classroom for hours at a time!

+What if I have questions about coursework, registration, or the meaning of life?

Our Customer Service Team is available to help you with:

  • Registration Information
  • Coursework and Materials Shipping Information
  • User Login/Password Questions
  • Coursework Extensions
  • Grading Questions
  • Updating Your Customer Records

Our Course Instructors are available to help you with:

  • Assistance with Course Requirements
  • Course Recommendations
  • Course Applicability to Your Position
  • Questions on our Book Study and i-Course

By Mail:

Learners Edge
10523 165th St. W.
Lakeville, MN 55044

By Phone or Fax:

Twin Cities Metro: 952-469-3454
Toll Free: 877-394-4930 Fax: 952-469-2790

By Email:

Customer Service Team:
Course Instructors:

Or click on our Online Chat button in the top right corner of our website! We're happy to help.

+Do you offer certificates or Masters Degrees?
  • Certificates: Yes!  With our partners, we have developed a series of non-degree certificates around our most popular continuing education courses.
  • Masters Degrees: If you are interested in earning a Masters Degree, Augustana University offers an online Masters in Education featuring concentration courses in technology, special populations, reading, STEM, or instructional strategies.
+In what other ways can I get professional development through you?
  • District/School Initiatives:Align district/school goals and initiatives with graduate credit.  We’ll partner with your district/school to offer graduate credit for extension activities tied to staff development goals/programs. Please contact us for more details.
  • Book Studies: Create a book study centered around a popular text of your choice. Share your learning and excitement with other teachers at your school around concepts/strategies of similar interest. Please contact us for more details.
  • Tech Study: Learners Edge offers a unique opportunity for teachers to earn credit while exploring an educational tech tool they can use with students or colleagues.
  • i-Course: The i-Course is an independent study course that enables you to pursue a topic of particular personal and professional relevance and interest. You have the option to earn credit for work on a topic of your choice, based on a suitable text that will help improve your instruction and student learning. Please contact us for more details.
  • Workshops/Conferences: Learners Edge coordinates graduate credit for selected workshops and conferences.  Please contact us for more information.
+ I want to work for Learners Edge. Where do I send my resume or letter of interest?
Click on over to our About Us page and scroll down to Careers at Learners Edge. We'll let you know when we're looking for amazing, talented people like you!
+Can I request a 1098-T from Learners Edge?
According to IRS regulations, Learners Edge is not a qualified academic institution and therefore we are unable to provide a 1098-T for tax purposes. However, we encourage you to check with the academic partner with whom you registered for any specific Tax Information unique to that college or university. 

Transcript Questions

+How do I receive a transcript?

Click here for a transcript from Augustana University.

 Click here for a transcript from Aurora University.

Click here for a transcript from Colorado State University - Pueblo.

Click here for a transcript from Lourdes University.

Click here for a transcript from Marygrove College.

Click here for a transcript from North Dakota State University.

Click here for a transcript from Pacific Lutheran University.

Click here for a transcript from the University of St. Thomas.

+ How soon can I request a transcript?
Please do not order or request transcripts from your chosen partner institution until you receive all grade emails for all courses from Learners Edge. Please review your unofficial transcript online or contact the registrar's office at the partner institution you selected, to ensure all grades and courses are listed before requesting.
+How much is a transcript?
The cost of a transcript, is typically nominal or free, it varies by academic partner. Please visit the transcript information page for your chosen academic partner (just look two questions above)!

Lane Change, License Renewal and Approval

+Will these courses count toward salary advancement (lane change) and/or license renewal in my state?
Learners Edge courses offer graduate level credit (posted in semester hours) from our academic partner. All partner colleges/universities are regionally accredited, with quality teacher continuing education programs. Although our courses are designed to fulfill requirements for license renewal and salary advancement, we strongly recommend that you seek prior approval of Learners Edge courses from your state or district before registering with us as many state and district requirements are unique.
+How do I choose an Academic Partner? What if there isn’t one in my state?

Please check with your state department to see if they have an approved list of institutions from which you can receive approved graduate credits. If your state criterion meets the following list, you may choose any of our Academic Partners:

  • Courses must be graduate level
  • Offered in semester credits
  • Institution must be accredited
+Are the Academic Partners accredited?
Yes, each of our academic partners is regionally accredited. Please visit each Academic Partners page for specific accreditation. Some school districts require that courses for relicensure or salary advancement be taken from a regionally accredited university; this is exactly what we offer you with our established partnerships.
+Can I use Learners Edge courses to help fulfill Pennsylvania's Act 48 requirements?

If you are planning to use one or more of our courses to satisfy Pennsylvania Act 48 requirements please note the following:

All credits and hours must be related to an educator’s certificate type or area of assignment, unless enrolled in an administrative program or approved by the school board. Collegiate credits earned outside of Pennsylvania must be submitted on an official college-sealed transcript to:

PDE Act 48 Transcripts
333 Market Street
8th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17126

If you have specific questions regarding Act 48 please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education at or 717-772-4944.

+What if I don’t need graduate credit? Does Learners Edge offer options?
Absolutely! If you don't need graduate credit you can complete a course as non-credit for a reduced price. The course requirements are the same, but you will neither receive a grade nor a transcript for a "non-credit" course. Upon successful completion of requirements, you will receive an email indicating your work was completed successfully - you will not receive a letter grade nor be able to receive a transcript.