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New York Teacher Certification Renewal


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New York State Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Requirements:

Holders of professional classroom teaching certificates, educational leadership certificates and Level III teaching assistant certificates who practice in a NYS School District or BOCES, must complete 100 clock hours of acceptable CTLE during their registration period.

Maintaining Your Certificate

Information obtained from the New York Department of Education 

Maintaining Your Certificate: Beginning July 1, 2016, if you hold one of the following certificates, you must register your teaching license with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) every five years:

  • Permanent or professional teaching certificate in the classroom teaching service
  •  Permanent or professional leader certificate in the educational leadership service (i.e., school building leader, school district leader, school district business leader), or
  • Level III Teaching Assistant certificate

Additionally, if you hold a professional certificate in the classroom teaching service or educational leadership service or a Level III Teaching Assistant certificate;

  • you must complete 100 hours of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) during each five-year registration period (if you hold a permanent certificate, this CTLE requirement does not apply to you).

Types of Certificates:

Initial: The Initial certificate is the entry-level teaching certificate and is issued for a specific subject and grade level. It is valid for five years (with the possibility of a time extension if you are eligible). During this five-year period, you must obtain a Professional certificate, which requires a minimum of three years of experience and a Master’s degree.

Conditional Initial: This is the first-level certificate for teachers who hold a certificate in the same or equivalent title from another state, but who have not yet met the NYS testing requirement. The Conditional Initial certificate allows the holder up to two years to meet the testing requirements to qualify for an Initial certificate.

Professional: The Professional certificate is the second-level teaching certificate. A holder of an Initial certificate must apply to the New York State Department of Education for the Professional certificate upon completion of requirements. Note: there are new registration and continuing education requirements for Professional certificate holders.

Requirements: A Registered holder of a professional classroom teaching certificate, educational leadership certificate, or Level III teaching assistant certificate is required to successfully complete 100 clock hours of acceptable CTLE during the registration period if they practice in a NYS school district or BOCES. The CTLE requirement may be completed at any time during the registration period. CTLE completed during a prior registration period may not be carried over.

Measurement of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE): 

For credit-bearing university or college courses, each semester-hour of credit shall equal 15 clock hours of CTLE credit, and each quarter-hour of credit shall equal 10 clock hours of CTLE credit.  For all other approved continuing teacher and leader education courses, one CTLE credit hour shall constitute a minimum of 60 minutes of instruction/education.

Please note: this information below is for teachers in New York State. Teachers in New York City have differing requirements and--before registration--need to fully ensure with the NYC approval process that Learners Edge courses and university partners will fulfill continuing education needs. This summary should in no way release individuals from their responsibility of ensuring that the course they take meets their professional needs.  We hope it provides assistance in understanding how Learners Edge might help you in the salary advancement process.

Message from Learners Edge:

Please note, Learners Edge courses are approved and offered for graduate credit by our regionally accredited and state approved college/university partners. In New York, continuing education graduate credit is intended to fulfill requirements for salary advancement when the student has obtained proper prior approval.