Illinois State Requirements

Illinois Teacher License Renewal


Learners Edge is privileged to work with thousands of Illinois teachers who successfully register for and complete our courses each year! Whether you’re seeking continuing education courses for license renewal or working toward your salary advancement goal, Learners Edge offers over 100 graduate level courses to help you succeed in your classroom and in your career.

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Advancing on your District's Salary Scale

We always recommend that you follow any pre-approval requirements in your district before you register for courses. However, teachers have been successful using our courses to advance on their district’s salary scale—and have typically been able to use any of our university/college partners.

Teacher License Recertification / Renewal

Below is a summary of how Learners Edge may help your continuing education and your Illinois license renewal. This summary should in no way release individuals from their responsibility of ensuring that the course they take meets their professional needs. We hope it provides assistance in understanding how Learners Edge might help you in the salary advancement and re-licensure process.

Per Illinois State Board of Education:

 The new process for renewal that takes effect beginning July 1, 2014, is referred to as the "LICENSE RENEWAL SYSTEM".

A. Professional Development Earned under the Certificate Renewal System

 • College coursework will earn 15 clock hours for each semester hour (i.e., a three semester-hour course earns 45 clock hours of professional development) under the new License Renewal System.


• A licensee who uses a "uniquely qualifying" activity for the current renewal cycle will be required to meet the full requirements of the new License Renewal System that pertain to his or her endorsement area beginning with his or her next full, 5-year renewal cycle. 

4. A licensee who is mid-cycle (i.e., whose renewal cycles end June 30, 2015, 2016, 2017, or 2018) may apply the credit earned under the Certificate Renewal System for CPDUs/college coursework or for "uniquely qualifying" activities to his or her current cycle.

Professional Development Beginning July 1, 2014

1. A licensee's current 5-year renewal cycle will not change under the License Renewal System; however, each licensee will be required to meet the requirements under the License Renewal System before the end of his or her current 5-year renewal cycle.

2. All license renewal credits must be gained through an in-state institution.

Teachers: 120 clock-hours of professional development for licensees holding endorsements in teaching fields, or endorsements for school support personnel who do not also hold a professional license from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), except that all licensees with "teaching speech-language pathologist" endorsements must complete 120 clock hours regardless of whether they hold a professional license from IDFPR;

Teacher Leaders: 100 clock hours of professional development, including one Administrators' Academy course in each fiscal year of the 5-year cycle, for a licensee who holds a Teacher-Leader endorsement and is assigned to an administrative position for at least 50 percent of the school day;

Administrators: 100 clock hours of professional development, plus completion of one Administrators' Academy course each fiscal year of the 5-year renewal cycle, for licensees holding endorsements in an administrative area; and

NBPTS Master Teachers: 60 clock hours of professional development for a licensee holding a current National Board for Professional Teaching Standards master teacher designation.

Message from Learners Edge:

Please note, Learners Edge courses are approved and offered for graduate credit by our regionally accredited and state approved college/university partners. Continuing education graduate credit is intended to fulfill requirements for license renewal/lane change when the student has obtained proper prior approval.