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Learners Edge is thrilled to partner with teachers from across the country to meet their salary advancement and license renewal needs. Each state in unique with their relicensure and recertification requirements. Many teachers need to accrue hours to meet their state requirements and Learners Edge is proud to offer a slate of Professional Development opportunities that offers new knowledge, insightful learning, and 10 hours to boot! Upon successful completion of Learners Edge professional development, you will receive a Learners Edge Letter of Completion signifying this accomplishment (no academic transcript is available upon completion).

Occasionally, states will incorporate very specific requirements for teacher relicensure/recertification. We want to help teachers meet these requirements as conveniently as possible. These courses are not offered for graduate credit and do not offer an official transcript; however, they should give you exactly what you need for state relicensure or recertification!

If you're from Minnesota or Texas, we have Professional Development Bundles crafted especially for you! 

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