What Type of Learning is Right for You?

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Every teacher is unique and with that comes many ways to engage with Learners Edge to meet these varying needs.  Whether it be accruing hours for relicensure, graduate credits for salary advancement or a Masters Degree for rounding out your degree portfolio, we have an option for you!

Continuing Education Graduate Credit Courses

Perfect for Salary Advancement & Recertification

You already have your Masters degree or are looking for courses to help you achieve your next lane change or use towards your teacher relicensure or recertification.  Learners Edge offers 100+ courses that are offered in conjunction with regionally accredited universities. Over 100,000 teachers from across the United States have used our courses to meet their needs! Once you successfully complete a course, you can request a transcript from the College/University partner that you will select upon initial course registration. 

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Professional Development

When You Simply Need Hours

When you are looking to relicense or recertify as a teacher, these courses may be perfect for you. Although they won't provide the graduate credit that is often needed for salary advancement, these courses may be tailored to state specific requirements or today's hot topics in education. Please verify with your state licensing board that Learners Edge professional development offerings will meet your needs!

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Specialized Certificates for Teachers

Learners Edge and select academic partners have created a series of self-paced, continuing education, non-degree certificates around our most popular courses. Choose from a variety of non-degree certificates—and give yourself an “Edge” in your professional development.

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Masters Degrees

Masters Program for Teachers

Fully online, cohort model offered through a select Learners Edge academic partner! Complete your M.A. in Education in under 24 months! Using engaging and interactive online technology, you will connect with teachers from various backgrounds as you work together to improve your craft.

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Digital Badges from Learners Edge

Every completed continuing education course earns you a digital badge delivered on a digital silver platter (AKA your My Edge page). Even more exciting, these badges grow with you. You can become a Specialist, an Expert, a Master, or a Scholar as you complete courses within specific course categories. Display these badges proudly to showcase the expertise you have gained through continuing education. We think the world deserves to know!

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