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A New View: Teaching, Learning & Creating

Course DL-5048
Recommended Gr. 2-8

**This course will be retiring soon**
To help students meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving world, teachers must become comfortable in the 21st Century learning community, and with one of its key components:  visual literacy. This course will help you elevate traditional learning and add new layers to students’ reading comprehension, critical thinking, and communication skills—all important facets of visual literacy.  

The course will enable you to step a bit outside your usual perspective—and to look at the world we are preparing our students for.  With this new perspective, you will be able to question some of the assumptions held about teaching and learning, and make some movement in a new, energizing, and ultimately better direction.  

Perfect for teachers who ask: 
• I sense that there’s not enough emphasis today on helping students create and be creative.   Are there reasons why creativity will be a critical ingredient of 21st century success?
• How can I help my students think creatively?
• My students are consuming media of all kinds all the time.  How can I help them not just consume it, but create and communicate effectively with media?

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