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180 Degrees: Rethinking Classroom Management

Course DL-990
Recommended PreK-12

This course will challenge all of the most common assumptions about discipline and classroom management.   Be prepared to question the notion that problems in the classroom are usually the fault of students who don’t do what they’re told.  Reconsider what it is that they’ve been told to do---or to learn.  Course text author Alfie Kohn has been a provocative (and sometimes controversial) figure in the educational field.  He has strong opinions about classroom management and cautions teachers about using behavior modification to control student behavior.  Kohn believes it the importance of intrinsic motivation, and explores how to work with students to create caring communities where decisions are made together.

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The book was interesting and the questions really made me reflect on my teaching strategies (especially with classroom management and discipline). Angela Luecke

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